Psychosis: Delusions

Someone with first episode of psychosis can also have delusions.

Delusions are firmly held beliefs which are not based on reality or are a distorted version of reality.
For instance they believe they are God, or they are being plotted against, or they are under surveillance, or that they have a radio transmitter planted in the head, or that the TV is speaking them directly.

These beliefs are real… to the person experiencing them and may cause them to have strong feelings such as fear, anger, or elation.

Confused thinking

  • Thoughts become confused, jumbled or nonsensical
  • Thoughts may seem to speed up or slow down
  • Person may have difficulty concentrating, speaking clearly or understanding a conversation, or remembering things
  • Person may have difficulty understanding the intentions of others in social situations

Changed feelings

  • Unexplained mood swings
  • Overexcited, depressed or anxious
  • Hard to feel emotion – numb and shut out

Changed behaviour

  • More active and impulsive than usual
  • Less active – sit around all day, sleep a lot
  • Laugh or become upset at no apparent reason

Remember, this too will pass with good help and support.