The Hope Exhibition

November 20 – 26th 2017

Hi, I’m Jean – a third year English and Art History student at the University of Otago. I’ve struggled with various mental health issues for a number of years, and I’ve lost loved ones to them too. Raising awareness and acceptance for people suffering from depression, anxiety and the like is incredibly important. New Zealand has one of the highest suicide rates in the world among young people. This needs to change.

Jean Balchin, 2017

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Kepler Challenge

With the support of friends and family, Austen Haig, Ella-Rose Haig, Rusty Anderson and Shannon Edgar are setting out to raise as much money as they can for the Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust, based in our home town Dunedin. By taking on this mammoth challenge, we want to show that with love and support around you, you can achieve anything.

Every 17 hours a person in New Zealand takes their own life. New Zealand loses 10 to 11 people every week due to suicide. Our youth suicide rate is the worst in the developed world. An average of 100 people are affected by every life lost in this way. While these numbers are distressing, it’s important we remember suicide is preventable. These statistics are simply inexcusable, we hope to reduce New Zealand suicide rate by both raising money and awareness.

Recently, we experienced first-hand the devastation suicide causes to friends and family as we lost a close friend who had always come bearing a smile. This has reminded us all of the importance of checking in with those around us as you never know what battles people are going through alone.

Run for Life Matters

I decided to get involved because I was sick of the drinking culture in Dunedin, and wanted to show that you can have a fun, memorable flat event that wasn’t focussed around drinking. I hopped on the fundraising idea initially brought up by my mate Sevu, and it all just happened from there 🙂

John Laurenson, 2017.

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Challenge For Life

The main focus is to support and promote a greater awareness of grass-roots community issues and at the same time raising funds for much needy youth and children’s camps fees, benefiting those most at risk and enabling children and youth to attend and enjoy a happy and healthy holiday experience at the same time by not reinventing the wheel. As proud members of our communities and Citizens of NZ, ‘Take a Minute, help Change a Life’, lets show that ‘We Care’ and that ‘Life Does Matter’.

I am a proud mother and citizen of Dunedin NZ. I care deeply for my family, community and its people. Sadly, I lost a much loved and treasured son to suicide in 2017.

I have been inspired to inspire others by showing that ‘We Care’ and that ‘Life Does Matter’.

My son was a much loved and respected family member who cared deeply for family. He loved and valued his friends and respected his work colleagues and associates. He was a brilliant man who had worked conscientiously and passionately through-out his educational and professional years he had at all times achieved to a very high standard.

Help me to support those who need our help.

Carolina Anne Meikle, 2017.

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Powder Ridge Punisher

 “The Chalkies Challenge” – “This could potentially be the hardest 6-7km of your life! The downs could almost be as slow as the ups! This is less a run than an adventure loop! There are some steep slippery rope sections, rocky river crossings, narrow steep benched track including the infamous ‘bullet gully section” with descents of 35-40% gradient!  If the sound of getting your feet wet, navigating slippery rocks, pulling yourself up a steep hill via ropes, holding onto tree branches descending, losing your balance multiple times scares you then this is not the event for you!
Now for the good news…. you will feel a true sense of achievement finishing this loop & be rewarded with some stunning bush, rivers, tussock & views! If you can run even 20% of this loop you are a star! There is no rush, so take your time around the course & feel more confident on the trails from when you started!
Early Entry Fee $20  – ($40 on the day)
The Chalkies Challenge, 2017

Alex on Te Araroa Trail Walk for Life

Hello everyone,

Starting November 1st, I will be starting at Cape Reinga and walking 3000km until I reach Cape Bluff!

This journey is the length of New Zealand and is going to take me roughly four months. This event is to create awareness and funds for teen suicide. Its a major issue in NZ. Together we will raise funds for charities that are dedicated to supporting those in need.

If we can prevent even one young person in NZ taking their own life, I would be the happiest guy alive! However, I hope to achieve a bigger goal than this! Spreading awareness will create a positive ripple affect for the youth of New Zealand.

Thank you all 🙂

Alex, 2017

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The Bucket List Challenge

The Bucket List is Dunedin’s premiere corporate mixed martial arts event. A competition designed to take every day people just like you and me through a two and half month physical and mental journey with benefits and memories that will last a lifetime.

We would like to use this opportunity to do something for those less fortunate.
All competitors will have a page set up for them on the Givealittle website, so funds can be raised for their chosen registered charity. This year we are proud to support Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust.