Powder Ridge Punisher

 “The Chalkies Challenge” – “This could potentially be the hardest 6-7km of your life! The downs could almost be as slow as the ups! This is less a run than an adventure loop! There are some steep slippery rope sections, rocky river crossings, narrow steep benched track including the infamous ‘bullet gully section” with descents of 35-40% gradient!  If the sound of getting your feet wet, navigating slippery rocks, pulling yourself up a steep hill via ropes, holding onto tree branches descending, losing your balance multiple times scares you then this is not the event for you!
Now for the good news…. you will feel a true sense of achievement finishing this loop & be rewarded with some stunning bush, rivers, tussock & views! If you can run even 20% of this loop you are a star! There is no rush, so take your time around the course & feel more confident on the trails from when you started!
Early Entry Fee $20  – ($40 on the day)
The Chalkies Challenge, 2017