Challenge For Life

The main focus is to support and promote a greater awareness of grass-roots community issues and at the same time raising funds for much needy youth and children’s camps fees, benefiting those most at risk and enabling children and youth to attend and enjoy a happy and healthy holiday experience at the same time by not reinventing the wheel. As proud members of our communities and Citizens of NZ, ‘Take a Minute, help Change a Life’, lets show that ‘We Care’ and that ‘Life Does Matter’.

I am a proud mother and citizen of Dunedin NZ. I care deeply for my family, community and its people. Sadly, I lost a much loved and treasured son to suicide in 2017.

I have been inspired to inspire others by showing that ‘We Care’ and that ‘Life Does Matter’.

My son was a much loved and respected family member who cared deeply for family. He loved and valued his friends and respected his work colleagues and associates. He was a brilliant man who had worked conscientiously and passionately through-out his educational and professional years he had at all times achieved to a very high standard.

Help me to support those who need our help.

Carolina Anne Meikle, 2017.

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